Thursday, October 14, 2004

No apologies

Oh, yeah, and I'm completely aware that my life has been even more exceptionally boring than usual recently. I guess that's what happens when you wake up, go to work, code and respond to email, go to luch, code and respond to email, go home, code and respond to email, and then go to bed. Basically, I require three things in life: caffiene, the freedom to be creative when I want to be, and a steady stream of gaming. Time constraints have eliminated all but the most liquid of those three things.

I've noticed that I'm just significantly less happy when I have to work with other peoples' code. At work, recently, I've shifted a bit from making brand-new, cool stuff to hooking up my new stuff with old code, and, well, that sucks. Then, of course, the various travails that I've had with other peoples' code at home that I've explained in far too much detail already. I guess I only really enjoy coding when I'm making something new. When I'm fixing something, or tying stuff together, or anything that's not creating new stuff (or completely reworking old stuff), I'm just not that interested. Or, maybe it's just not enough mast... sleep.

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Derrick Stolee said...

you're right. working with other people's code sucks. a lot.

tomorrow, i go to work to clean up some code and speed up my component. when that is done, i get to move into porting C++ components that use flat files as data into Enterprise Java Beans using jboss data sources. Yays.

i'm not very excited, but i feel your pain.