Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hot nude webcam pics

Last night, my manager was talking to one of his friends over MSN Messenger at home. His friend had just purchased a webcam, and was trying to get it set up. He was having problems with his firewall or something to that effect. Finally, he got it working. He asked my manager why he didn't have a webcam, and my manager told him that it was a "security risk"; he didn't want to have to worry about whether the camera was on or not. Right as he said this, his friend's wife walked in front of the just-set-up camera, totally nude.


Tom said...

This doesn't really relate at all. Well...file 'em both under "obscene pictures on the web" I guess.

Does Microsoft's WMP10 ad, "Funnel", seem inspired by Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected?

Travis said...

Yes, I would say that the advertisement is at least "strongly influenced" by Rejected, if not quite in "total ripoff" territory.