Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Grudge

I saw "The Grudge" tonight. I have to say, it exceeded all of my expectations. I mean, I thought it was going to be really bad. It turns out that it was horrid beyond my dreams. Absolutely abysmal. I mean, it wasn't quite as bad as "Punch-Drunk Love," but it was still bad enough that, if I were hospitalized and the TV in my room could only show this movie, I would prefer to just lie there and twiddle my thumbs.

So, yeah, that. Here are a few more random tidbits that don't fit anywhere:
  • I came closer to being pelted with bird crap than ever before today. If it weren't for the fact that a Segway with maxed-out weight tolerance doesn't go uphill very fast, I would have had a face full of white goo this morning.
  • I got a slug stuck inside my fender today. I got into my office and noticed two little antennae sticking out from under it. Nasty.
  • While waiting for the movie, we went to Borders to look around. There, they had books titled Cryptography for Dummies and Network Security for Dummies. We unanimously agreed that, despite their best intentions, dummies should probably not be attempting to secure networks or sensitive data.
  • I wore my Halloween "costume" to the theatre, and I was actually approached by a random guy who told me how awesome it was.


Matthew Beermann said...

Hrm, I must be lucky then - I was merely bored and confused by it, not offended or cheated. Lots of questions I shouldn't have even asked about it over at my blog.

Travis said...

(Sort-of spoiler alert)

My biggest problem with it was, of course, the lack of coherence in the plot. My second biggest problem with the movie is how little the characters' actions seemed to make sense. Like, a few minutes after the detective gave his little speech about how evil the house was and how no one should ever enter it, he ENTERS the house. The actors were WAY too terrified when they shouldn't have been--like, when the woman goes upstairs to look for her elderly mother, she's extremely edgy, and there's no reason whatsoever for her to be afraid. Then, at some parts, the actors should be frightened but aren't. Horror movies are always bad about this, but they always err on the side of the actors doing something stupid and guaranteed to get them killed gruesomely.

Anonymous said...

PDL was a fantastic movie

Anonymous said...

"Punch Drunk Love" was a terrible movie. Probably the only movie I've seen worse is "The Butterfly Effect"

Travis said...

I thought Butterfly was pretty decent.

Anonymous said...

The Butterfly Effect was fan-fucking-tastic