Thursday, October 7, 2004

The end of all things

I have been granted an all-access pass to file (and read, and change) bugs on Visual Studio, the .NET framework, and the other related Microsoft development technologies. Now I can not only send feedback and little nudges to the .NET developers, but I can actually tell them that I think that the tabs for documents you open showing up on the left in VS 2005 instead of on the right (like every other Windows application) is a defect in the software. I must learn to use this power wisely.

And, before any of you take this as a license to send me bugs in Office, Visual Studio, the .NET framework, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, C#, etc., you should know that you can already submit bugs for all of those things except Office on MSDN. I just happen to get a faster turnaround. :)

I care about the success of few products more than Visual Studio (or, in the past, Visual Basic, or QuickBASIC). In reality, at least as interested in seeing it succeed as I am FrontPage, because I don't use FrontPage for fifty hours a week.

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