Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I'm not sure why, but I've been dreaming a lot more often recently, or at least remembering them. I guess it's because I've been making an effort to get a reasonable amount of sleep each night for the past couple weeks. Not only that, but my dreams have been more interesting than usual—no dreams of buttoning my shirt, or getting a Diet Coke from the fridge, or deleting spam. It's a nice change from the last half decade.

That's it for this post if you're tired of reading about the bizarre things that I dream about. If you're not, then here we go.

Last night, I had another weird dream. I had an uncle (this wasn't my real-life uncle) who had directed a documentary called "WAR" about, well, war. The actual film didn't show up in my dream, but I knew that I had seen it before and it was extremely funny. He was really trying to promote his film because the Academy Awards were the following night. (Apparently, in my dreamworld, Oscars are decided by a live vote by the audience.) He was giving out copies of his movie to everyone he could find, and made me take several, even though I had seen it already.

So, then the dream cut to the next night, at the Oscars. Apparently, families of people whose movies are up for consideration don't get very good seats; I was way up on the balcony with people my age misbehaving. There were a group of high school guys sitting to my left that kept getting up and switching seats, and giggling amongst themselves. The one sitting next to me for most of the show was drinking red liquid from a large glass bottle, a little at a time, and he kept leaning into me and touching me. I assumed he was being an ass, and I ignored him. After one of the big musical numbers, I looked over, and discovered that he was trying to get me to drink from the bottle. Tired of being nudged, I took a big gulp of it and gave it back. He and his friends gasped when they saw how much I drank, and then one of them frantically explained to me that it was drugged, and that very bad things were going to happen to me after drinking that much. And then the dream ended, awakened by the sound of drilling or a leaf blower or some kind of extremely loud machinery that I now get to hear every weekday morning at about 8:30.

I'm kind of annoyed that so many of my recent dreams seem to lack closure. What happened to me after drinking the whatever-it-was? Did "WAR" win any of the awards it was up for? What was the point of the story? I guess it's better than dreaming about dressing myself in the morning, but I would still really like to have something of importance happen in a dream sometime. I guess my subconscious just isn't creative enough.

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