Thursday, October 7, 2004

A dream starring Leslie Nielsen

I'll get to the title of this post soon. I'm going to tell you about the dream I had last night. This was one of the more insane dreams I've had in quite a while.

So, the dream started in a grocery store. I was there with my brother getting breakfast, and he went straight to the donuts, grabbing three. I decided to go for the healthy version, getting two regular donuts and one granola donut. (Why did I get donuts? I like bagels a whole lot more.) So, we paid for these and left the store. We drove somewhere—I didn't know where we were going, but it didn't seem to matter.

We ended up at an enormous house: at least three stories tall, with massive square footage. I never did figure out who the house belonged to, but I assumed it was my grandparents'. We ate our breakfast outside the house, and then my mom came outside to get us. Inside were my aunt, cousin, and grandfather, all from my mom's side of the family, as well as Winston, an incredibly obese dog that belonged to a different aunt who was not present. We decided to watch a movie, which was a really awful, stereotypical sci-fi movie in which a bunch of tourists from Earth (with Leslie Nielsen as the captain) decide to take a trip to the moon, and somehow get so far off course that they land on an unknown planet in a faraway galaxy. As far as I can tell, I watched this movie with my family in its entirety during the dream, which I don't think has ever happened before.

After the movie, we decided to explore the backyard, which none of us had seen yet, this being the first time any of us had been in this house. While the view from the front of the house was an urban landscape, the view from the back was completely uninhabited wilderness. In the sprawling backyard, bounded only by tall rock cliffs, we found a robot that looked very similar to my cousin. He was pretty excited at this, being eight or nine or so, and we got the idea that since this new body was in better shape than his old one (?), we should put his brain in this new body (??). So, we unscrewed the top of both skulls (???), only to find that the robot already had a brain, and it was much larger than my cousin's brain, and incompatible. The best part? The robot's brain stem was a square USB plug, and my cousin's brain stem was a rectangular USB plug. This did not seem remotely odd to any of us. Also, much of the backyard was under about three feet of standing water, which also did not seem odd.

Suddenly, we were interrupted by a pack of wild creatures that jumped down from the high cliffs and landed in the backyard. These creatures were somewhat larger than a very large dog, but were shaped more like bears. They were extremely fast, but not very strong or heavy. It turned out that they were friendly, and there was one of these dogbears for each of us. We played with the dog-bears for a while, until they began to seem agitated. We looked toward a faraway part of the backyard, and saw some very vicious-looking walrus creatures heading toward us. Not sure what exactly they were (or why there were glaciers in the backyard of this house, considering it was about 80 degrees out), we headed inside and watched from the second or third floor. The dogbears ran toward the walruses, defending their new masters. It quickly became evident that the dogbears were no match for the mighty walruses, which bit one of them cleanly in half. The dogbears then changed their strategy, tricking the walruses into falling through the ice into the water below, drowning them. Once all of these walrus creatures were taken care of, the dogbears headed back toward the house, and the dream ended.

So, I really have no idea why I had that dream or what it means. I can think of reasons for a few things in the dream: the sci-fi movie can probably be attributed to the fact that I watched an episode of Enterprise yesterday. The fact that it starred Leslie Nielsen was probably because I was recently looking for a particular quote from the movie Surf Ninjas, a very bad film in which he plays the villain. And, the dogbears were vaguely reminiscent of the "Panda-Dog," except all black, and much larger. But the house, the nonsensical landscape and client, buying breakfast with my brother, and the whole subplot of my cousin finding a robotic clone of himself with a USB brain is just insane. In fact, while my mom has shown up in a couple dreams before (long, long ago), I think that was the first time that my brother, cousin, aunt, and grandfather had ever showed up in one of my dreams. Leslie Nielsen has showed up in more dreams than they have, this being his second or third appearance in my life.

I have recently been trying to get eight hours of sleep each night, or at least pretty close. If this is what I can expect when I really do get eight hours, this should be fun.


Derrick Stolee said...

the most insane thing is that his clone was incompatible.

i had a similarly strange dream last night, that ended with me being pulled around by this girl who kept spouting l33tsp33k like "for me to haive" and such. i was instantly excited for where this dream might lead and then johnson woke me up to get lunch. i was disappointed.

Anonymous said...

um, no, that's not l33tsp33k, that's Group X.