Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Back home

I'm heading home for Thanksgiving Friday November 19, and I'm returning to Redmond on the following Friday, November 26. My very rough plans involve Friday night, Saturday, Sunday evening, and various parts of Monday and Tuesday visiting my Kauffman friends, and the rest of the time at home with my family. If you haven't placed the order for the red carpet yet, you might want to soon.

It's going to be weird being by myself in Redmond for Christmas, but I made a conscious decision to go home for Thanksgiving and not Christmas—I only have a small amount of vacation time accrued, so I couldn't go for both, and I figured that Thanksgiving gave me much better chances of spending time with you guys, seeing as Christmas is right after finals.


Travis said...

...on that note, you guys should think of stuff for me to do when I come back. I'm not that good at... thinking.

Anonymous said...

Red carpet on the way!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

A Travis in our midst!