Tuesday, September 14, 2004


My life has been kind of pleasantly uneventful lately. I took advantage of my three-day weekend (thanks to taking Friday off to have the last of my wisdom teeth removed) and got a lot of work done on my own personal projects (mostly IvoryTower-related). There are several things that I would like to state opinions on for the record, but none of them are really worth their own posts. So, here we go:

Things that I have decided that I like:

  • Raspberry yogurt
  • The Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard
  • Percocet and 600mg (triple-dose) Ibuprofen
  • Swiffer

Things that I have decided suck ass:

  • XSLT and XPath
  • Using one keyboard layout at work and another at home
  • Companies that charge you a fee to pay online instead of using a check
  • People who don't pay you for doing contract work
  • Being invited over to the house of a senior manager to play board games and then sleeping through your alarm clock for three hours because you're wacked-out on Percocet

There. I hope that was enlightening for you.

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