Friday, September 3, 2004

Hooray stereotypes

At work, I have three "neighbors": one to my left, one across the hall, and one diagonally between those two. All three are Asian. You'll find out why that's relevant in just a second. So, I've had my camera for three years now, and it wasn't new when I got it, and thus it's quite obsolete now. I was looking at cameras for a few minutes today at work, and the guy across the hall ran over and asked, "whoa, are you looking at the D20?" I was a bit surprised, so I said yes, and then he explained that both he and my diagonal neighbor were both planning on getting that camera. So, after a couple minutes, it was decided that we should all buy simultaneously so we can negotiate a better deal. He asked, "is anyone else on the team looking at cameras?" I almost said, "Well, we can ask Greg (my other neighbor). He's Asian too."

But, I didn't. These are the things that will get me fired.

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